Aichi is a major center of manufacturing. Home of Toyota – Japan’s biggest company.

In Nagoya, There is a ‘Nagoya Castle’. It has ‘shachihoko,’ the golden orcas that on the roof of its castle tower. The inside of the castle is now a modern museum displaying the castle’s history. The castle park becomes a popular hanami spot during the cherry blossom season. Nagoya food is very popular. For example, Hitsumabushi (Grilled Eel on Rice), Misonikomi (Noodle in Miso Broth), Miso-katsu (Pork Cutlet with Thick Miso Sauce), Tebasaki (Japanese-style Fried Chicken) and so on. If you come to Nagoya, I recommend to try some Nagoya food.






Atsuta-jingu Shrine is located nearly in the center of Nagoya and is also called “Atta-san” or “Miya.” It is very popular. It attract many people. This shrine has total 2000,000 square meters and are surrounded by a forest called Atsuta Forest. It’s good thing to do after viewing the shrine buildings is to try Atsuta Shrine’s version of the kishimen noodles, one of Nagoya’s local dishes. It is very delicious and it become happy.


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